If you’ve found this site, then you may have already done some research and are aware of the benefits of baking steels for both breads and pizzas. For that reason, we will focus on some of the benefits of the various steels and the features of Baking Steels by Joseph Daniels.

Surface Treatment
Our steels are subjected to a treatment that not only gives an attractive and even surface, but also provides additional benefits such as increased hardness and corrosion resistance, so your steel will not only be more resistant to scratches, but also more resistant to rust. This surface finish also aids greatly in the seasoning process

All our baking steels are treated to an initial pre-seasoning. This is a light seasoning and is at a temperature that bakes our oil formula (grapeseed and rapeseed) into the steel but not that high that it reaches it’s full smoke point. This provides protection from corrosion, while still giving an enjoyable unboxing experience. Unfortunately, this appealing engineered metallic appearance will soon change after it’s first cook and as the steel will develop it’s own patina and become a much darker mahogany colour.

100% UK Beeswax Seasoning Wax
The seasoning process can be a tricky process when using oils, as it is sometimes difficult to gauge how much oil should applied and also to apply evenly. This is where Beeswax seasoning wax is becoming popular and why we supply each steel with 20g of beeswax and a microfiber cloth to maintain and develop the seasoning on your steel. Beeswax is much easier to apply evenly and provides an excellent seasoned finish. This wax can be used on any of your other cast iron and carbon steel cookware, and a little goes a very long way  . Further wax can also be purchased in our store 

Most baking steels come in a thickness of 6mm which is great for baking breads and pizza, however, thicker and heavier steels are better for pizza as they can conduct, store and transmit much more heat and quicker  than lighter steels. The more heat you can store and rapidly transmit into your dough, the faster it will cook and provide a better end result. Our range currently extends to 8 different sizes with more to follow. Additional accessories will soon be available.

Sign Of Staffordshire Quality
We are extremely proud of our baking steels so we put our name on them.

Customer Service
We are passionate about food and have a wealth of knowledge that we are happy to share. If you have any questions regarding the baking steels or other products and wish for advice, then we would love to hear from you.

Surface Treatment

Surface Treatment on Joseph Daniels Baking Steels